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What types of hydroflow piping can work?

Hydroflow operates on all types of pipes (iron, copper, stainless steel, Galva, PVC, PE, etc.).

What is the range of the device?

For the example of a hydroflow I range, the linear range is 2 km. Each "T" the signal is divided into two. The signal is diffused on both sides of the device but in the context of the anti-lime treatment, the water must pass through the appliance. For the treatment of bacteria, the device is effective even when the water does not pass through it.

Do I need a plumber's intervention to install the unit?

No, no plumbing work is necessary.

The device is attached to the pipe using collars. The installation of a Hydroflow appliance requires 230v power supply.

Does Hydroflow emit waves?

Hydroflow operates using an electric field, so it does not emit waves and does not disturb its environment.

Is it a magnetic device?

No, Hydroflow is a technology based on the use of an electric field acting on water.

Does the device transmit an electric current in the water?

No, the generated electric field induces a signal in the water that allows a reaction from an ion point of view only, no significant electrical current is measurable in the water.

In the case of a hot water tank protected by Hydroflow, should a second device be provided after the ball?

No, unless there is a second ball (case of balloons in series) in this case it is necessary to foresee a second device.

Can I equip dishwashers with Hydroflow?

The dishwashers have internal circulating loops that are independent of the machine's cold water inlet. As a result, these loops are not treated and the limestone will be able to precipitate abundantly in the dishwasher. Furthermore, as Hydroflow does not remove the limestone from the water, dry residues will remain on the dishes after drying. It is therefore advisable to maintain the use of the products-antilime for dishwashers, or to equip them with osmosis machines which are the only alternative totally eliminating the dry materials of the water.

Does hydroflow allow to completely remove flocculants in pools?

Most of the time yes but it is better to talk about a "75% reduction" in the consumption of flocculants.

What is the action of hydroflow on Rust and rouging?

Hydroflow gradually transforms by the action of the electric field the iron oxides in magnetite which will form anti-dandruffly on the pipes and thus protect them, on the same principle as galvanizing.

What is magnetite?

It is one of the main iron ores of the oxides category, the main component of the ferrite powder, which is used to control arsenic in water and has magnetic properties, particularly for the manufacture of magnets. The cells of the human being contain magnetite crystals. Formula: XY2O4 where x represents a bivalent metal (magnesium, iron, nickel, manganese and/or zinc) and y a trivalent metal (aluminum, iron, chromium and/or manganese, titanium.)

What are the bacteria treated by Hydroflow and whose laboratory tests prove the results?

Staphylococcus Auréus (99.99%)/E. coli (99.99%)/Klebisella (99.36%)/Pseudomonas (99.87%)/Legionella Pneumophilla (99.7%) Aeromonas (% NC)

is hydroflow compatible with the bacteria treatment systems by salt electrolysis?

Yes, the Hydroflow system does not prevent the operation of electrolysers, but it contributes to the fight against bacteria.

Does Hydroflow grow plants faster?

Yes, the Hydroflow system reduces the surface tension of the water molecules which make them more easily absorbable by the plant, in addition to the osmosis phenomenon that destroys the bacteria present in the water. This makes it possible to obtain for example salads 25% larger or simply to reduce the time of shoot for an equivalent size.

Does Hydroflow have an action on ironstone bacteria?

Yes, Hydroflow allows to control iron bacteria, Hydroflow also allows to flocculate these bacteria before the filters on borehole wells for example to increase the efficiency of the filter.

Does Hydroflow have an action on filamentous or green algae?

We do not have an exhaustive list of treated algae, ideally for each case a pilot must be made to make sure.

In how many countries in the world are the Hydroflow products sold?

Hydroflow products are sold in all countries of the world and delivered by Hydroflow home to for domestic use.

Quelle est la température d'eau maximum qui peut être traitée avec la gamme standard HydroFLOW ?

There is no maximum temperature where the effect of the device disappears, however, if the temperature is very high, a boil nucleate (above 110 ° C) can cause problems in installations where the flow is too low to evacuate the volume of limestone thus formed. As aforesaid hydroflow cannot prevent the formation of limestone above 110 ° C when the boiling nucleate occurs, however, as the boiling nucleate is intermittent, at each time the boiling stops Hydroflow will use to eliminate the already deposited tartar. This means that if the time without boiling nucleate is quite long, then Hydroflow will bring good results.

Que constate-t-on dans le cadre du traitement de l'eau nucléé >108° ?

Hydroflow during the intermittently of nucleation, will dissolve the calcium carbonate already formed. The envelope of the calcium carbonate discs will detach and leave the flakes of tartar of permanent and insoluble hardness in the water suspended. These will accumulate in the bottom of the heating flask or in the bottom of the tank recovery and can be evacuated by simple purging or manual cleaning.

How long does the effect of hydroflow fade after it has been removed from the instrument's field of action?

This delay is variable, indeed nature will resume its ionic structure very "anarchic" after a certain time. This can vary from a few minutes in case of heavy disturbances (pump for example) to a few hours in case of static storage.

is the hydroflow signal going through the pumps?

The signal does not pass through the pumps in operation, the turbulence generated by most of them blocks the signal and breaks down in particular the ion clusters formed by Hydroflow. If a device is placed after the pump, the clusters will be reformed directly to the pump outlet. On low-turbulence pumps (e.g. variable flow), the signal may cross, provided that their construction is metallic and there is a metallic link between the pipes and the pump.

Is there a minimum distance to be observed between a pump and a hydroflow device?

No, there is no minimum distance to be observed between the unit and the pump, it can be placed just after the pump without risking a signal weakening.

Are the Hydroflow s38 and hydroflow k40 devices removable? For example?

Yes, Hydroflow s38 and Hydroflow k40 are removable and easily remountable without a tool.

What are the dimensions of the Hydroflow s38? How much space is needed between the pipe and the wall as well as on each side?

The dimensions of a hydroflow s38 are as follows:

Length 115 mm

Width 72 mm

Thickness 31 mm

Outer and lower edges 16 mm

Lower Corners 23 mm

Ideally a minimum space of 25 mm should be provided between the pipe and the wall (or walls).

In some configurations a space of 16 mm may suffice.

For the installation of a Hydroflow s38 in a house of 100 m2, can it be installed just as a result of the water meter so that it treats the whole network: hot water and cold water and all related equipment such as dishwasher, washing machine, accumulation balloon, garden water, ..?

In view of the size of the house, you can actually try with a single device but under these conditions it should be placed right after the t of separation which feeds on the one hand the ball and on the other hand the house, so the signal that is induced upstream and downstream of the device will also be able to treat the hot water balloon.

Je pense installer un HydroFLOW S38 en amont du robinet d'eau froide principal, qui se trouve dans mon garage peu isolé. Le tuyau (entre 25 et 300mm de diamètre) est en "plastique", débouche du sol et le robinet est à 50 cm de hauteur. Comme le tuyau est vertical, le HydroFLOW S38 serait donc attaché en position horizontal, près du sol. De plus il sera situé très près du chauffe-eau et d'autres équipements électroniques (lave linge et congélateur). Une telle installation est-elle adaptée ?

Ideally, and because you have an accumulation balloon, we would install a hydroflow s38 on the water supply line of the balloon in order to ensure maximum protection and a hydroflow s38 after the water meter to treat the cold water distributed in the house.

For a house of 100 m2, you can actually try with a single device but under these conditions it should be placed right after the t of separation which feeds on one hand the ball and on the other hand the house, so the signal that is induced upstream and downstream of the device will also be able to treat the hot water balloon.

is Hydroflow technology compatible with a softener?

The limestone forms when the ions in the water crystallize on the surfaces of the equipment. One of the coarsest ways to prevent tartar formation is to simply remove these ions from the water. This is the principle of the softener. It replaces calcium ions with something else that does not cause limestone, usually sodium (i.e. table salt). This is done by passing the water on a resin that contains some replacement ions, which will eventually change place with the calcium ions in the water. Sometimes a second type of resin is used to also remove the bicarbonate ions.

Thus, water passes over the resin containing ions that replace the calcium and carbonate ions. By crossing the resin, the softener changes the chemical composition of the water. This is why Hydroflow technology is not compatible with a softener.

What is the nature of the planned installation work and the installation price or an estimate of that price?

The installation of a Hydroflow device does not require plumbing or change of conduct. It simply positions itself around the pipeline and works by induction. This implies that in addition to the installation of the appliance it will be necessary to provide a 230v power supply. A few hours are enough for a technician to install an industrial-type hydroflow device.
The cost of the installation will be estimated according to the number of devices to be installed in order to cover the entire water system of the residence and the availability of electric current on site.

What is the annual cost of operating the Hydroflow technology? (Maintenance, replacement of consumables, overconsumption of water, consumption of electricity,...)

Hydroflow equipment does not require maintenance, maintenance or consumables. They are extremely robust electronic devices with a lifespan of more than 35ans and which consume little electricity.
The annual cost of operating a device is based solely on its electricity consumption and varies according to the type of device between 1, 2w/h and 45W/h. (equivalent to an annual cost between €2 and €45 depending on the type of device)

What is the operating principle of the Hydroflow solution?

The Hydroflow unit is installed around the cold water pipe and operates with a process similar to a current transformer.
The signal induced by the hydroflow apparatus is residual on more than 1km, operates independently of the water flow and the nature of the pipe, conditions the calcareous ions suspended in the water and gathers them in clusters so that they rush together When the water is heating up.
The blocks of limestone clumps become too large to be incrustants, even though they are not visible to the naked eye, can no longer settle on the pipes and are evacuated with the flow of water. This phenomenon of protection of your installation generates a slight release of CO2 suspended in the water, this one will gradually dissolve the layer of limestone already existing. Hydroflow is therefore a preventive and curative solution.

is limestone removed or is it simply transformed not to settle?

Limestone is still present in the water but in a form of non-incrustanteed clusters, it no longer attaches to the walls and evacuates itself with the flow of water.

Does the Hydroflow system have a descaling action?


Hydroflow acts on existing scale deposits and dissolves them gradually.

is the chemical nature of water treated by Hydroflow transformed? (carbonic acid, sodium,...)

Hydroflow technology does not change the chemical composition of water. The water retains its hardness and the limestone, always present is no longer inlaying and evacuates easily. To process EFS (cold water) or ECS (sanitary hot water), a water treatment process must be in accordance with sections R1321-48 and R1321-50 of the public health Code.
This is the case with the Hydroflow system for the following reasons:
= > Non-intrusive device, so no contact with water to be treated
= > from a macroscopic point of view, no impact on the quality of the treated water, in other words no significant alteration of the physico-chemical characteristics of the water upstream and downstream of the treatment.

is the Hydroflow system certified from a sanitary and/or ecological point of view by French or European bodies?

Hydroflow technology is non-intrusive and does not change the chemical composition of the water. Therefore it has no impact on the composition of the water from the health point of view. Hydroflow has the CE marking, is certified IEC51010-190 + A1:92 + A2:95 ~ EN61010 as well as UL and CSA. The units of the professional Hydroflow range are also waterproof, certified IP68 IEC 60529
From an ecological point of view, Hydroflow appliances consume only a very small amount of energy and avoid the use of chemical treatment products.

is the Hydroflow system under warranty?

The duration of the manufacturer's warranty is 3 years.

The average duration of use observed before failure (MTBF) is 36 years.

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